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Transform your speed training with precision timing and data insights.

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Perfectly adapts to your training needs.

Take your speed training to the next level with our easy–to–use athlete tracking system. Configure the sensors, select your athlete, and start tracking their performance right from the app. Get instant access to live sensor readings and comprehensive comparisons to previous or benchmark sprints. Don't wait, optimize your training today!

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Achieve accurate speed and reaction time measurements with our simple athlete tracking configuration. Position a single sensor at the end of the distance and receive an audio signal to start. Our system captures the final result, including any reaction time errors.

Start + Finish

Our simple configuration includes sensors placed at the beginning and end of the distance, and our timer is triggered automatically as soon as the first sensor is crossed.


With the ability to connect up to eight sensors, you can capture precise split results tailored to your specific training needs. For optimal results, place a sensor at the end of the distance to capture the final time. Other than that, the configuration is entirely up to you.

Cuttingedge technology behind the scenes.

Get the most accurate times with our cutting–edge athlete tracking system. Our sensors incorporate ultrasonic technology and our proprietary Sonic Sense algorithm to achieve groundbreaking precision, with an accuracy up to 0.005 seconds. No matter how fast you run, our technology ensures precise results.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ultrasonic Waves

Allows to detect torso only.

High Precision

Accuracy of 0.005 seconds.

10–Hour Battery Life

Chargeable Li–ion battery.

Custom Distribution

Place sensors from 2 to 100 meters apart.

No Wearables

No additional chips needed.

Day–Bright LEDs

Status visible anytime.

Sound Indicators

With accessibility in mind.

No Tripod

Stands on ground.

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